Frontera is a travel agency that looks at tourism in a different way: “community tourism”. This type of tourism looks to have the people, from the community of each region being visited, participating in the experience of the tourist. We know that the locals are the ones that could offer the best routes, stories, history and knowledge of the area of tourism. Meanwhile, this will generate jobs to the different regions of Colombia, being visit. At the same time, creating a more real experience with the people, place and biodiversity of the region. This is collaborative and responsible tourism. The one that looks for a more just relationship between the communities and their environment. Our job was to define from the brand strategy a new route, we begin to redesign their visual identity, define a new “look and feel” and advise on the right way to use the different digital platforms. The result is an outgoing, simple and close brand system, in which the color and its letter fonts (un teepee) evoques concepts of travel, adventure and nature.