Hår Medical Group


Hår Medical Group are a collective of plastic surgeons, specialized in hair implants.  They asked us to break the usual graphic design approach used in their industry such as blue colors, female silhouettes, literal representations of hair etc. This made the challenge much more interesting since we needed to work out of box in terms of the concept of the creative process and the graphic resources. The objective was to make the brand global and not represent a single specialist, but a group of experts that are at the forefront of the technology used in this field. The result: naming and visual identity which led us to a unique and different brand territory, “being a little unusual” made Hår Medical Group stand out among all the competitors. In creating limited brand applications for them it was interesting to see how “taking a risk” lead us to use abstraction and geometrization of elements, to represent a hair follicle, the hair fiber and hair implant process in a very different way.