Agility Gold



Agility gold is a super premium pet food brand of Italcol’s a colombian company that has been in the market for more than 15 years. In 2016, we managed to implement the total renovation of its visual identity and packaging. With the photography style, we wanted to represent the brand’s purpose: make our pets free, active, agile, healthy and happy. We implement the black color in the packaging to communicate high quality in the super premium segment and to make a big difference within the company’s product portfolio such as Chunky and Italcan. We developed a packaging nomenclature that allowed us to have an ordered structure and similar hierarchy in all product lines, but make a differentiation between poducts with color and benefit icons. This allowed the company to increase its sales and achieve greater market share regarding to its competitors. That demonstrates that a change that is apparently visual, has a substantial impact on the perception and profitability of a product.